We rely on IE residents to help keep our island free of code violations. There are several ways to report a violation, online, by phone, or in person. Your IECA board can help if you have problems reporting or need help conveying information to the City of Clearwater.

How to report City Code Violations and Other Concerns Online

If you observe a City Code violation or have other concerns relating to our community or city and would like to report them, there is an easy ONLINE way to do so. Using the Clearwater Task and Communications System ( C-TRACS), you can select from a wide array of categories that may concern you such as overgrown lots, illegal signs, abandoned vehicles, etc. 

This system does not require you to provide your name (unless you want to) so you can make a report anonymously. The system will provide a Ticket ID and a PIN number so you can track the issue to its resolution.

To use this system, simply click on the following link: C-TRACS

How to report City Code Violations and Other Concerns by Phone or in Person

The City has established a Community Response Team whose staff are very responsive and knowledgeable about city codes and where to go to get help with your concerns. Their hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. Their address is:

Community Response Team
Development Services - Community Response Team
P.O. Box 4748
Clearwater, FL 33758-4748
Phone: (727) 562-4720, Fax: (727) 562-4735

Community Response Team Website Link, CLICK HERE

To download the Citizens Guide to Code Enforcement, CLICK HERE

Below is a abbreviated view of Island Estates' Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) requirements that supersede city codes. 


The Island Estates Neighborhood Plan was developed in response to neighborhood needs and approved by the city commission on August 8, 2002 to provide guidance and policy direction for all public and private actions within and in the vicinity of the Island Estates neighborhood. The intent and purpose of the NCOD is to provide overlay requirements (requirements that overlay and supersede the underlying city code) to ensure that new development activities are consistent with the existing established character of the Island Estates community. Summarized below are the issues that the NCOD addresses for the Island Estates Overlay District:

Single Family Homes

  • MINIMUM LOT SIZES: 7,500 square feet with a minimum lot width of 50 feet.

  • MINIMUM SETBACKS: front – 25 feet, Side – 7.5 feet, Rear – 15 feet from seawall.

  • MAXIMUM HEIGHT: 30 feet.

  • MINIMUM OFF STREET PARKING: 2-car driveway capacity.

  • Pools and Screen Enclosures

  • MINIMUM SETBACKS: Rear – 10 feet from seawall*, Side – 5 feet.

*Pools that exceed 12 inches in height above grade level must comply with primary structure setbacks. There are also limited situations where a 20 foot setback is required.

Additional Development Standards (Apply to Single Family and Multi Family Areas)

  • PARKING ON LANDSCAPED AREAS: The parking of any type of vehicle, trailer, boat, personal watercraft, recreational vehicle, or any other similar vehicle shall be prohibited on grass or any other landscaped area.

  • FENCES: (a) Fences shall not exceed six feet in height between any portion of the principle structure and any side lot line, (b) All fences between the rear building setback line and the seawall shall be non-opaque (see-through).

  • LANDSCAPING REQUIREMENTS: Use of gravel, stones, cinders, and other similar material in any yard shall be prohibited unless included as an integral, but minor, element of a landscaping plan.

  • OUTDOOR STORAGE: The storing of commercial fishing and crabbing equipment shall be prohibited outdoors on any residential property.

The full NCOD document can be accessed by clicking on the following links:

Island Estates NCOD Neighborhood Plan as excerpted from Clearwater Community Development Code

Island Estates Neighborhood Plan

If you are interested in looking up or reviewing any or all of City or County codes, including Clearwater's Community Development Codes or the Florida Statutes, you can use the following convenient link to the City's website code section, select what you are looking for and another link will take you to what you are looking for: Clearwater Codes Section.