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Bridge Repair Update

Bridge Repair Update on March 9, 2015

Representatives of the City of Clearwater's engineering department addressed the IECA board and residents on March 9, 2015. Engineering Director Michael Quillen, Assistant Director of Engineering Scott Rice, and Engineering Specialist II Roger Johnson discussed the bridge replacement and answered questions from residents.

Bridge Design and Approval

The bridge design phase is completed and the project has been bid. The bids will be presented to the Clearwater City Council on Thursday, March 19, and if approved, the construction phase will be initiated.

Project Details

  • The duration of the project is projected to be 660 days. This extended time period is due to the difficult nature of replacing the bridges. Each bridge will be built one half at a time so there is no traffic interruption during the project.
  • The foundations of the bridges will be accomplished by drill shaft rather than driven pile construction. This was determined to be the best option to protect the properties adjacent to the bridges as drill shaft construction is less invasive.
  • Four properties will be affected by the construction: Skiff Point on Island Way, Clipper Cove/Cutter Cove, 351 Harbor Passage, and 360 Harbor Passage. These properties will have one of their driveway entrances blocked for a period of time. Michael Quillen encouraged these property owners to contact the city for a personal discussion of the construction. Roger Johnson, who will be the project manager, said he will be available 24/7 for help or questions from residents. Roger can be reached by phone 727-562-4592 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Questions from residents:

Will the bridges be widened to two lanes each way?
No, the bridge lane configurations will stay the same.

Will there be work on more than one bridge at a time?

What will be the actual start date of the construction?
It will likely start in April or May, based on city approval. Duke Energy work will be the first step, which will take 6 weeks. Once their work is completed, the construction can begin.

What about the noise level?
The city will abide by the current rules that limit construction to 7 am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday, no weekends. Roger stated that all construction projects create some noise. However, he noted that the drill shaft foundation construction will be considerably less noisy than pile driving.

What work was done on other bridges on Island Estates?
When the initial deterioration was discovered, all the bridges on Island Estates were inspected. Only the four that will undergo replacement met the replacement criteria. Several of the other bridges required minor repairs and these have been completed.

Will any streets be closed at any time during construction?

Who is paying for the bridges to be rebuilt?
The funds for the bridge construction come from the gas tax.

Michael Quillen encouraged residents to contact the city with any questions or concerns.


Roger T. Johnson
Engineering Specialist II
City of Clearwater
Phone: 727-562-4592
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.