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When to call 911:

Someone's life, safety, health, or property is in immediate jeopardy. This includes:

• Most crimes

• An open or unsecured door or window

• Suspicious persons or vehicles

• Fights

• People with weapons

• Suicidal persons

• Any incident involving someone having a dangerous mental or emotional episode

• If you need the fire department or an ambulance to respond


Call NON-Emergency (562-4242) if:

• The crime didn't just occur and suspects are not on the scene

• Questions about possible criminal activity in your neighborhood

• Routine noise disturbances

• Thefts, stolen cars

• Forgeries, fraud, vandalism

• Harassment, trespassing, threats

• Assaults not requiring medical attention

• Traffic accidents not creating a traffic hazard-- with property damage only

• Questions, legal advice, medical advice

• Animal complaint not involving injury

• Suspected narcotics or vice activity not in progress


NEVER CALL 911 as a joke

NEVER CALL 911 and hang up. If you dial by mistake, stay on the line to tell the dispatcher

NEVER CALL 911 to ask for information. Always dial 411.

NEVER CALL 911 just to see if it works.