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The Clearwater Police Department has several programs to protect residents of Island Estates:


Anonymously report suspicious activity

The TIP411 Program is offered by the Clearwater Police Dept to make it easy for residents to report suspicious activities in our neighborhood. There are three ways to send an anonymous tip for followup by the Clearwater Police Department:

  1. Use your smartphone to text the keyword CWPD and your tip to 847411 (Tip411)
  2. Use the online form
  3. Use the Clearwater Police Dept. Tips iPhone app on your smartphone - Click to download the free app


Citizen Observer- sends alerts to your phone or email

The Citizen Observer program from the CPD lets you sign up to receive information about criminal or other activities from the police department. You can receive text alerts on your smartphone, or by email. Click here to enroll.


Operation Identification- assists in recovering lost property

Operation Identification is designed to help locate stolen electronics. You simply register the serial numbers and descriptions of your electronics with the CPD. If they are ever stolen, the police will use the numbers to help recover your posessions.

To register, click Operation Identification at this link.


Clearwater Police is on Facebook and Twitter!

For information and updates on Facebook, visit the CPD Facebook Page. 

Or follow the CPD on Twitter @CLWPublicSafety


Tips from the CPD:

1- If you see suspicious activity or persons in your neighborhood, call the police or use TIP411.

2- Reminder- DO NOT engage physically or in conversation with a suspect in any crime, call the Clearwater Police from a safe location and inform CPD of the suspect(s) illegal activity, clothing, race and gender, height, weight, vehicle, and direction of travel.

3- With the beautiful weather, many residents are out enjoying the neighborhood. Being outside alone can be dangerous, especially when it is dark. Predators lay in wait for people to pass and catch them by surprise.

4- It’s safer to exercise with a partner- most criminals will avoid groups of two or more. When you are out, always be on alert. Pay careful attention to your surroundings and avoid areas that are not well lit.

5- If you listen to music while you exercise, keep the volume low enough that you can hear what's happening around you. A predator may sneak up from behind if they know you have neither seen nor heard them.